Triumph over biology


Pain, it is something that we have been familiar with for most of our lives and something that we just accept as a part of being human. When we get injured, and everybody does, we experience variant levels of pain which can range from minor to crippling. Depending on the nature of the injury, the pain can last anywhere from a little while to the rest of our lives.

Oftentimes, pain makes recovery much more difficult in the sense that we need to work the areas of the body that are injured, but the pain can sometimes become overwhelming. In order to recover fully, we must endure this with pain constantly hindering our recovery. It is just part of biology and something that can not be helped right?

Well not exactly

Pain is the result of receptors on nerve endings sending signals to our brain in order to let our body know that it is in pain. From a survival standpoint, this is absolutely necessary as it tells us when we are pushing our body to the absolute limit. What curious, however, is that modern technology now allows us to dull and even eliminate pain from the equation so that we can recover faster.

Pain management, although relatively new, focuses on ways in which to dull or completely get rid of pain in order to lead to a more rapid recovery. Biology tells us when we are pushing ourselves too hard, because that is why we are here today. However, modern medicine and technology allows us to override that crucial, yet troublesome biological response.

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