The daily grind


The thing about working in the medical field is the amazement that everyone has their own unique story. I have worked with people that have been involved in severe car accidents and people that have simply been worn down by life. No matter how your body reacts to the rigors of life, there is a way to become healthier and get back to your old self.

For me, injury started at a young age during athletics. Bad knees and wrists were injured and re-injured as a child until I decided to retire from sports. Everything was fine for a time, but as I got married and had children, I noticed that the daily routine made my old injuries flare up.

Staying ahead

The daily grind of work and even taking care of the family can not only re-aggrivate injuries, but cause new ones. As we get older, our bodies do not recover as fast as they used to, which means that we can either slow down or prepare. Since it is not viable for most of us to slow down, we must prepare for the pain that can come with the daily grind of life and family.

Luckily, physical therapy is not just for people that have been severely injured. Pain management and traditional PT can help alleviate pain caused by the daily rigors of life. By seeking therapy before severe symptoms begin to appear, people can get a jump start on restoring their body to its previous working form.

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